Fun Facts about Maryland

picture-resisedWhy does Natty Boh’s mustached mascot, Mr. Boh, only have one eye? There are many rumors as to why, but the most common belief is that it’s because “Gunther’s got it.” Gunther was National Bohemian’s biggest competitor after prohibition ended in the 1930s. The mascot’s missing eye is believed to be a friendly play on the rivalry between the two companies.

Natty Boh is also the reason why you can pick up a six-pack of your favorite beer. Knowing that four would be too few and eight would be too much, the brewing company was the first to issue six-packs in the 1940s.


Maryland has the world’s oldest living people. According to the State Board of Elections, there are 48 people living in the state who are 114 or older.


As one of the most distinctive state flags in the union, the Maryland State flag is the only state flag to be based on English heraldry. The black and gold design on the quartered flag is based on the coat of arms of the Calvert family.

Marylanders love their flag which is used for logos for everything from sports to schools and even on a Southwest Airlines 737.

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