My company M Squared

I have been in real estate for over 20 years. Over this period of time I have worked for a few different companies. However nothing has ever compared to the company I am with now, M Squared. I have always been able to serve my clients well. However,  M Squared has taken serving my clients to a new level. M Squared is run by two young guys  mid-thirties, That understand how real estate marketing has changed. The way people search for properties is different than it was five- ten years ago.They know how important marketing is and just putting a listing in the MLS and hoping it sells is over!. I am only posing this today because I came back from our office meeting yesterday on such a high! I have never seen such creativity, that these guys bring to the table. I hear people talk about this generation in such a negative way, and thinking that they have a lot to learn. Well let me tell you Maybe they do, but I learn so much from them everyday. They are bright, energetic and so creative. I feel so fortunate to have joined this company.

Here is a little information about my company.




Real estate has always been a relationship business, but in order to succeed, the agent of today has to be a jack of all trades: a marketting expert, a graphic designer, a photographer. a staging specialist, a communication and public relations guru a fierce negotiator. When you throw in time for blogging, social media and volunteering in the community, the average agent barely has any time left for maintaining client relationships and providing superior service.


M Squared was founded with the belief that buying, selling and managing real estate could be less complicated and more efficient. We’re a vertically integrated firm with brokerage management, renovation, marketing and technology divisions under one roof. We’re the only brokerage firm in the District of Columbia to be nationally recognized for our award-winning, proprietary marketing and technology offerings includng Listing 360. Open House Touch and Social Agent, just to name a few.


When it comes time to sell your home, you have a choice. You can be part of the pack, or you can lead it. By providing our clients with all-inclusive renovation, design, staging and proprietary new media marketing, our listings stand out in the marketplace and sell for 5-10% more than comparable properties.

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